He KNOWS what you're thinking!

Fun, Amazing Mind-Blowing Entertainment that is perfect for adult audiences at corporate events and private parties. Call (425) 395-4196 or email Booking@SteveTylerMentalist.com for booking information.

Your guests will be stunned and amazed, and most of all they will have a GOOD TIME!

Public Show

Public Show

Winery Event

Private Party

Steve Tyler, former TV Investigative Reporter turned "Investigative Mentalist," uses his keen sense of observation, intuition and body language to actually read thoughts!

Steve has a powerful, fun and engaging performing style developed from many years of working in front of live TV cameras. It is truly a "one-of -kind" performance.

Steve incorporates handwriting analysis into some of his mind reading peformances, and he can also provide individual handwriting "readings" for your guests, which is an extra treat that many people enjoy.